Disabled Labrador Retriever Only Dog Left At Shelter After Adoption Event

Eastwood is a special dog. This red-coated Labrador Retriever had a rough start in life, but thanks to some Good Samaritans he received much needed care from Little Traverse Bay Humane Society. Eastwood was found wandering around in the cold winter, nearly blind and with a genetic deformity affecting his rear leg. His vision has improved, although it isn’t perfect, and he’s learned to get around quite well despite his leg deformity. At just 1-year-old, the shelter staff feels these issues could have, and should have, been fixed when he was a puppy and it’s likely why he was abandoned in the first place.

Unfortunately, Eastwood’s troubles didn’t end there. After participating in a statewide adoption event called “Empty the Shelters,” his Humane Society home was able to adopt out all of their dogs – except Eastwood. “Poor Eastwood is so lonely now that all of his pals have been adopted! Eastwood is the only dog left at the shelter after Empty the Shelters on Saturday, but we know the perfect home is out there somewhere,” the shelter states on its Facebook page. Thankfully, after their announcement of Eastwood being the only dog left, they were overwhelmed with adoption applications from people willing to offer Eastwood a loving, forever home.

They’ve now received so many that they aren’t accepting anymore. Filtering through the applications to find the perfect home for Eastwood will take some time, but it’s great to know that so many people are willing to spend the extra time and effort caring for a special needs dog. Eastwood has a lot to offer and a long life ahead of him and we know he’ll make the perfect companion for the right person. After all, he’s made it this far. A little extra waiting won’t do any harm to his incredible spirit.

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