Disabled Rescue Dog Cannot Control His Excitement Over New Wheelchair Ramp

Benny is a happy-go-lucky dog who doesn’t realize he is disabled. The playful pup is unable to use his hind legs but gets around great in his custom wheelchair.

The Tucker Farm (comprised of Beth, her husband Joe, two kids, and numerous rescue dogs) took Benny in as a foster dog when he was just a puppy. He was born with mobility issues and surrendered to a rescue by the breeder.

After months of rehabilitation, he started to get stronger but was still unable to use his back legs.

A trip to a neurologist revealed the tough guy has severe spinal deformity, but he hasn’t let it stop him from living his best life. He is not in pain, but the condition must be monitored because his spine is compressed and pushing on his lungs.

His family refuses to give up and will do all they can for Benny, including making adjustments to their home. New flooring was put in one room to replace the slippery tile floor and the newest change was a wheelchair ramp.

The wheelchair ramp covers the steps leading into the house so the energetic pup can go outside at his leisure.

His humans took a video of him barking with excitement over his new ramp.

After testing the ramp with his front feet, Benny finally pushed himself out the door and down the ramp and headed straight for his mom. She praised him for his efforts and offered him a tasty treat.

The video was captioned, “Benny is so excited about his new ramp! Now to master it!”

Beth shared the video on Facebook where it received one million views and over 100K likes.

Benny still runs, plays, and explores with his family thanks to his wheelchair. He is an inspiration to all and the family encourages everyone to “Be like Benny.”

The rescue dog, lovingly called “The Floof”, found the perfect family who loves him just the way he is.

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