Dispute over ownership of two dogs, Willow and Pharoah

There are two strongly opposing sides as to who has ownership of the dogs Willow and Pharoah. Jo-Lynn Estrada adopted the dogs from Second Chance Rescue NYC.  Unfortunately, in December 2017, her living situation changed dramatically when she broke up with her boyfriend.

During the six-months the dogs were in foster care, Jo-Lynn claims she kept in regular contact with the foster. Pictures were sent, they had video conferences, and Jo-Lynn states she even sent gifts for the dogs. Overall, the relationship was pleasant.

On August 16, 2018, Jo-Lynn moved back to the east coast and wanted to reunite with her dogs. She reached out to the foster on August 14 and August 15, 2018 via phone and Facebook messenger asking to arrange transport to get Willow and Pharoah back to her. The foster said “no.”

On August 21, Jo-Lynn spoke directly to Jennifer Brooks, the President of Second Chance Rescue, NYC requesting to get her dogs back from foster. Brooks asked Jo-Lynn if she was employed, if she was living in a pet approved apartment and would the dogs have veterinarian care? Jo-Lynn sent an email to Brooks from a reference stating that she did have verified employment and could live on a property with her dogs.

“Per our verbal agreement I would like a date to receive my dogs back into my care. As you know, I have been requesting reunification since August 17, beginning with a Facebook Messenger message to Judy. I am hoping to resolve this without legal recourse. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything else you require, as I have fulfilled my end of the agreement by securing employment, dog and cat friendly housing, and returning within the six-month agreed upon time frame.”

On August 27, 20118 Jo-Lynn received an email from Jennifer Brooks stating she would not be getting her dogs back. This decision was based on allegations that when Pharoah and Willow arrived at their foster home in February, they had many health issues and that Jo-Lynn did not respond to any requests from the foster to pay for the medical bills and did not maintain any contact with her regarding the dogs. According to the rescue, Willow had a serious tooth infection and gum disease, an undiagnosed lump, and a torn leg ligament. Willow also suffered from overgrown nails which had been neglected to the point that the current vet is concerned the quicks would never return to normal condition.

Pharoah, was suffering from recurring ear infections, which were evidently never treated. Furthermore, when they were picked up both dogs’ ears were very dirty and neither appeared to have been groomed for some time.

Here is a segment from the email sent to Jo-Lynn from Jennifer Brooks:

“There have been long periods of time in the last six months, however, without contact from you inquiring about the condition or welfare of Willow and Pharaoh. Moreover, while you represented upon your surrender that you would make payments toward their medical care, no payments in even nominal amounts were ever submitted by you. Instead, the payments for Willow and Pharoah’s respective medical care were borne by their foster family and Second Chance Rescue.

 Second Chance Rescue appreciates the love you express for Willow and Pharoah.  As you are well aware and as I’m sure you understand, our philosophy is that we will not home a dog if we have reason to believe the dog will not be adequately cared for. “

When Jo-Lynn asked for evidence proving their attempts to contact her be sent to her attorney, the rescue referred her to their own attorney. Second Chance Rescue stated they do have the necessary documentation and it will be “produced during the discovery period in the appropriate manner

Jo-Lynn states she has veterinary records, photographs, all the Facebook messenger conversations between the foster parent and herself showing that she told her if she needed money just to ask, health certificates, rabies shot certificates. She also has multiple videos and pictures of her and the dogs showing she is an engaged and loving dog parent, and showing their great condition

When  this author reached out to Second Chance Rescue NYC, this was the response received from Jennifer Brooks on October 15, 2018

“Thank you for making contact regarding Willow and Pharaoh. 

After Jo-Lynn Estrada requested to take possession of Willow and Pharaoh in August, Second Chance Rescue staff and veterinary professionals spent several weeks evaluating the situation and concluded that the welfare and safety of the dogs would be at risk if we delivered them to her at this time.”

At this time, both parties have secured the assistance of attorneys to resolve the case of Willow and Pharoah.  A court date has not yet been determined.

In the interim, Jo-Lynn Estrada has created a petition to get her dogs back.

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