Do you believe in miracles? Queen impaled by steel rod recovers

In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, miracles happen. Animal Aid Unlimited had been called out to help Queen; the dog had become impaled on a steel rod at the base of an electrical pole. The night before, Queen had jumped from a ledge; she landed on the rod which pushed through her abdomen – just missing coming out her back.

How would rescuers save Queen? Do you believe in miracles? There she was – hanging upside down with her face in the dirt. No one could even imagine the pain she must have felt; completely helpless and waiting to die to end her suffering.

There was to be no choice except to free her if Queen was to have even the slightest chance to survive. And so the dog’s rescuer literally slid her backwards and up off the foot long steel rod. She desperately cried out in agony. Would she even survive?

Brought back to the hospital, veterinarians sedated her and proceeded to thoroughly clean out her wound. Surely it had been a miracle that the rod missed her vital organs, but despite the medical treatment and Queen’s incredible story of survival, the trauma of the accident left her scared and unsure of everyone.

One month later, Queen could write her own story about miracles. (CAUTION – video is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.)

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