Doctor Finds Little Animal In Cemetery And Solves A Year-Long Mystery

A little dog named Truvy entered a doctor’s office waiting room and cautiously approached a man and a woman. The three-year-old pup had been taking care of herself for a long time and did not trust others easily. However, moments later, everything clicked, and Truvy recognized the two strangers.

Cindy Nash, founder of Nicholas’ Pet Haven, had received a call about a dog living near a cemetery. The caller was concerned that the dog might try to cross a busy road. Nash and her rescue group set out to find the stray and discovered that Dr. Harshivinderjit S. Bains had been watching over Truvy from a distance.

Dr. Bains had provided the dog with bedding, food, and water for a year but was never able to touch her. The rescue group set a humane trap, and Truvy was soon captured. Nash took Truvy to the vet, where they found a microchip and contacted the dog’s family. They had moved to Texas a year ago, and Truvy had gone missing after squeezing through the iron fence in her new yard.

Truvy’s family had searched for her for months, but it wasn’t until the rescue group found her that the year-long mystery was finally solved. Upon reuniting with her family, Truvy began to settle down and knew she was home safe and sound.

Although Dr. Bains was disappointed not to give Truvy a forever home himself, he was happy to know that she had returned to her family. Her family expressed their gratitude to Dr. Bains for his care and protection of Truvy throughout her time alone. Now, with everyone’s efforts, Truvy and her family can finally make up for the lost time.

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