The Doctors’ Tribute to Dr. Travis’ Dying Dog Nala Brings Him to Tears

Dr. Travis Stork, known for his stint on The Bachelor and as one of the hosts on The Doctors, absolutely loved his rescue dog, Nala, whom he had for 17 years, and broke down in tears when his colleagues created a lovely tribute to her shortly before she died.

“She is the most gentle, kind thing I have ever come across in my life,” Dr. Travis explained.  “She is literally who I wish everyone could be.”

Nala has been by his side through thick and thin, through med school and residency up to the success he has now attained.   Sadly she died shortly after this tribute was filmed, but three panelists discussed how dogs touch our lives, and how we must cherish the memories we have with them.

“It was about a year ago that she passed,” said Dr. Drew Ordon, referring to his bulldog, Lulu.  “You know, she was like a family member, the kids grew up with her… the kids picked her out when we got her.  She was on the show a number of times, and it really is like losing a family member.”

“Pets are the best,” Dr. Travis concluded.

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