Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Gets Full Time Job

When you go to the gas station for a wash or to fill up your tank, the last thing you expect to see is a dog hanging around. Even more, you don’t expect that dog to be an actual employee.

But for one gas station in Brazil, they have been employing a chocolate lab for two years – and he keeps the customers coming back.

Two years ago, Sabrina Plannerer and her partner bought a Shell gas station in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil. At the same time she found a dog, Negão, hanging around the station who had been abandoned.

He was too afraid to leave, waiting for his owner to come for back him.

Sabrina adopted Negão, got him vaccinated, dewormed, got him food, a home and leash and even better… they gave him a job at their gas station.

Don’t believe us?

He’s even got an employee badge.

When customers arrive he greets them with a smile and wagging tail.

Sometimes they bring him toys but they always come back.

When Negão isn’t working, he’s out for walks or relaxing at home.

Now if only every gas station had a dog working it!

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