Dog Abandoned In Freezing Cold Completely Transforms After Rescue

On a freezing December day, a rescue volunteer discovered Rosabella, a severely underweight dog, abandoned in a Minnesota alleyway. She had nothing but a thin wire crate to shield her from the harsh winter elements. With her curled up in a tight ball for warmth, it was clear that Rosabella wouldn’t have survived much longer in those conditions.

Luckily, the volunteer swiftly brought Rosabella to Ruff Start Rescue, a safe and warm environment. “She was only 19 pounds when she should have been closer to 45 pounds,” Kelli Hanson, the rescue’s marketing and communications director, explained. “We don’t know how long she waited in the cold, but we think she was noticed fairly quickly.”

The transformation that Rosabella underwent in her new home was nothing short of remarkable. She quickly showed her loving nature and gratitude for the warmth and care she was receiving. As she regained her health, Rosabella’s true personality began to shine.

Rosabella’s new mom, who learned about her story on the news, decided to adopt her. Her new family, including a dog named Lucy, immediately fell in love with her. “She is such a sweet girl, so happy and curious about everything. She follows us everywhere. She has definitely grown a lot, she’s healthy and very active,” the adoptive mom shared with Ruff Start Rescue.

Now, Rosabella enjoys her days going for walks, playing with Lucy, and taking plenty of naps. She will never again have to endure the harsh conditions she once faced. Her sweet spirit remains intact, and she finally receives the love and care she deserves in her forever home. Rosabella’s story is a testament to the power of love and kindness in transforming lives.

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