Dog Abandoned at Playground with Heartbreaking Note Finds New Home

Cletus has it all. He’s kid-friendly, house-trained, old enough to know better but still playful at heart. And he was missing the thing he needed most of all—a home.

Cletus was abandoned in a playground. He was found tied to a bench with a note cataloguing his laundry list of stellar qualities.

A heartbreaking note

Volunteer organization Helping Animals at Gwinnet Animal Control quickly jumped in and posted this sweet video of Cletus playing, in hopes of finding him a home as soon as possible.

The video quickly took off on Facebook and made the rounds of local news organizations, bringing in many potential adopters for the sudden celebrity. As of July 7th, Cletus has been adopted to a new family. Efforts are still underway to find Cletus’ original person and try to help them get back on their feet.

Happy gotcha day, Cletus!

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