Dog Abandoned in the Pouring Rain Just Needed a Sweater and Some Love

A woman in Romania drives down the street every day, looking for dogs to rescue. Recently she came across one looking very sodden and forlorn, waiting in the cold rain for the owner who was never coming back for her. The rescuer took the time to earn her trust, then scooped her up and brought her somewhere warm. Now she is nice and toasty in her comfy new sweater!


This is what Norica Prigoana, manager of the Magic Land shelter in Gherla, Romania, had to say about the rescue:

I saw this tiny girl Friday night.  She was sitting in the cold and rain near the bag in which [she] was abandoned. She was very scared and distrustful. I left her food and the next morning was the same rain and cold.


This darling was wet and shivering so I decided that [I] must do everything to gain her trust, because my heart was broken all night. I could not sleep thinking about her. Patiently, I sat down in the heavy rain and began to throw pieces of meat closer and closer until she had trust and approached near enough [that] I managed to take in her in my arms.


Agatha was resigned to that bag where she was abandoned in the hope that her owner would return to take her home.  This loyalty comes even [though] her condition was deplorable and clearly speaks about her life, including the neck scars from her chain.


Agatha is full of love and ready to share her love with a forever family.  I’m so happy and grateful to God to have helped her leave that cold and dangerous place. She is a sensitive angel with a golden heart and a gentle face. She would not have survived in the public dog pound.


If you would like to make sure that more suffering, homeless dogs like Agatha are saved, please CLICK HERE to send a donation.  If you would like to give this lovely lady a home, please visit the Hope for Animals – Gherla Facebook page to contact their rescue team.



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