Dog Almost Killed By Flies Was Too Sick To Fight When Rescuers Showed Up

The amazing people at Animal Aid Unlimited have just about seen it all when it comes to rescuing animals off of the streets in India. But a dog almost killed off by flies eating away at a wound had to be a new one for them. The poor thing wouldn’t move and didn’t even resist when a volunteer went to pick him up.

Back at the facilities, it was time to save this boy’s life. They started him on IV fluids and applied a powder to kill the maggots infesting the wound. Moses was given antibiotics and medicine for the pain so that they could remove the dead tissue and maggots two hours later.

They washed away hundreds of maggots and the dried blood and pus from his fur. Treatment would have to continue for two more months. After all of that healing and love, Moses’ pain and confusion started to grow into trust and happiness. 🙂

Meet Moses today! It’s incredible to see the sweet dog like this after everything he’d gone through. His transformation is nothing short of amazing!

If you’d like to help the cause in India, you can donate to Animal Aid Unlimited here.

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