Dog And Cat Found Together In Field Refuse To Be Parted In Shelter

At the Jackson County Animal Shelter (JCAS), the rescue team was amazed by the incredibly strong bond between Sassy, a 6-year-old dog, and Shadow, a 1-year-old cat. Sassy and Shadow were found together in a field by a Good Samaritan after being abandoned by their family. Despite having no boundaries to keep them together, they stuck by each other until help arrived.

Lydia Sattler, JCAS’s animal services director, remarked on the rarity of such a close relationship between a cat and a dog. The Good Samaritan who found them noticed that Sassy let Shadow eat first before she started eating, demonstrating the depth of their bond. When JCAS rescuers arrived, the pair willingly went with them, maintaining their closeness throughout the journey.

Upon arrival at the shelter, JCAS staff realized they couldn’t separate the pair. Sassy and Shadow were placed in a room designed for multiple cat housing, so they could remain together. The two animals were inseparable, cuddling together every day and providing the staff with heartwarming moments.

Sattler and her team at JCAS knew that Sassy and Shadow needed to find a forever home together. After searching for over a month, they finally found a loving home where the pair could maintain their bond. Sassy and Shadow now live a life full of adventure and fun, and their love for each other remains unbreakable.

The JCAS team misses seeing Sassy and Shadow’s daily cuddles, but they are delighted to know that the duo has found a loving family. They continue to receive updates from the new owners, showing the pair enjoying their new life together. With their strong bond and loving family, Sassy and Shadow can now fully enjoy their lives, knowing they’ll never be apart again.

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