Dog And Seal Play Adorable Game Of Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek is one of the many games that we remember from our childhood, and it seems that animals love it just as much. In an adorable video, a Labrador Retriever and a harbor seal form an instant friendship at the River Thames in London. They quickly realize that there’s only one important thing to do: play hide and seek!

The two spend nearly five minutes together playing a silly game that both animals and humans understand. Somehow, the dog always ends up as the seeker while the seal continuously hides.

Nicola White recorded the adorable video of her dog named Mischa playing with a seal. The 13-year-old Lab was instantly fascinated with the strange mammal. However, whenever she would get close to the seal, the silly creature would hide in the water again. It’s hard to tell if Mischa enjoys this or if she just wants the seal to stay on land, but either way, it’s a unique and adorable interaction.

“The seal would pop up and Mischa would swim towards the seal only for it to disappear and be chased in a sort of merry-go-round,” said David Nolan, Mischa’s dad. “The seal then followed us along the shoreline, paying particular attention to Mischa, whom she had obviously mistaken for another, very blonde, seal.”

The Adorable Video

The video starts with the seal climbing onto the shore toward Mischa. She comes closer to the dog, and they seem to sniff each other. But then, the seal lunges toward Mischa, causing the dog to bark like crazy. Before Mischa can even process what happened, the seal is gone.

However, Mischa knows that the playtime isn’t over. She looks into the water to see if her new friend will return. After only a few seconds, the seal’s head pops back up. By now, it’s clear that an exciting game has begun. The seal keeps disappearing under the water, and then coming back moments later. Every time, Mischa is waiting for her.

Clearly, the seal is having lots of fun, but Mischa still seems very confused. She growls and barks at the seal whenever she gets close. Every time her mysterious friend dives into the water again, Mischa’s tail won’t stop wagging. The silly pup knows that she and the seal are now friends, but she just doesn’t know how to express herself.

Toward the end of the video, Mischa’s barking becomes a bit too much for the seal to handle. After many attempts to get Mischa to play, the seal gives up and swims off. She can still be seen swimming in the distance, but it doesn’t seem like she’s coming back any time soon. Even though Mischa wouldn’t stop barking at the seal, she seems sad once her new friend is gone. Hopefully, this dynamic duo will be reunited again in the future.

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