The Dog Approaches A Car Blaring Loud Music. What He Does Is Hilariously Unexpected!

One of the reasons dogs are man’s favorite pets is because they share more similarities with humans more than other animals. Some other reasons are dog’s high level of intelligence, fast learning ability and observance.

Dogs act like human beings more than most other animals because they observe the way humans act and talk and they also learn as fast as human toddlers. This is the reason they are able to handle house chores and also run errands much better than other domestic animals.


It is the combination of both intelligence and observance that played out in this video. This particular dog came close to a car in which a loud music was being played. And what he did was hilarious and shocking. He began to dance to the music.

The dog must have seen human beings dancing to music several times that he also cultivated the habit. He must be very observant to know that he is supposed to dance to music. But what is really mind blowing about the video is how he was able to discern the difference between music and common sound. This is where he displayed a rare level of intelligence.

Could it be that he already knew that the only sound that could be coming from inside a stationary vehicle is likely to be music and not ordinary noise? Probably that was why he paused first, trying to place the sound whether it is indeed music or just a mere noise.

Another thing about the dog that is worthy of mention is the fact that his dancing steps conformed to the sound. Amazing, isn’t it? He danced to the music very well. If his owner was somewhere around, one would have thought that he was trying to impress him or her. But nobody was there. So the dog was just being himself.

Whenever he comes across music again, he is likely to “dig it” again. He danced for about a minute and left. He enjoyed the music, danced to it and he never got carried away. He still remembered his main purpose for coming over there.


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  1. Laura

    This is heartbreaking actually. Im a vet tech and the dog is very obviously sick. He looks like sh*t & if you ever were to see a dog dancing like this (i.e. without being trained to or given a specific command) it sure as hell wouldnt be in front of a group of strangers. No, hate to burst everyones bubble but this is just a sick dog and a coincidence. I hope the ppm watching at least gave the little guy some food afterwards

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