Dog Attended Class Everyday, But One Day He Didn’t Show Up. Where They Found Him? OMG.

Northwest A&F University is located in Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone, Shaanxi Province, P.R.China. According to their website, the are one of China’s top universities. Students can study literature, law, education, medicine, history, art and economics (just to name a few). There are over 22,000 undergraduates and around 9,000 postgraduate students.


There used to be a dog on campus too – a dog that was called “scholar dog.” The dog would even go to the cafeteria to eat. Scholar dog would be seen running ahead of the track team during activities and was beloved by the students. In 2014, during a clean-up of stray dogs on campus, scholar dog was beaten – to death, and thrown in the trash.


The school claimed that the more than 30 stray dogs on campus were a threat to the teachers and students.


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