Dog from Australia Makes Adorable Real Estate Agent

Tiffany is a five-year-old Shih Tzu from Australia, and she makes for one of the cutest real estate agents we’ve ever seen.  She models for pictures taken by her human mom Tracy Ashley, all in an effort to really cuten up some rooms, and sell some houses.


Ashley works for Remax United Vision in Carina, Queensland.  She came up with the idea about two years ago when she was having an issue finding pet-friendly housing.  It took a lot of work just to figure out where would and wouldn’t allow pets.

“I found it very hard to work out which properties were pet-friendly, or weren’t,” said Ashley to Mashable Australia. “I thought, wouldn’t it make it easier for buyers if I could put Tiffany in my properties that are pet-friendly.”


The idea seemed to pay off very quickly.  The website that contained all of the property listings got way more hits when homes were featured with Tiffany in the photo spread.  At this point, Tiffany appears in almost every photo for every listing that is on the site.  In fact, anyone wishing to have Tiffany featured in their listings absolutely can do that.

“Sellers are ringing up and saying, we’ve seen your photos with Tiffany, can we get you to sell our house with her in it,” Ashley said.  “It’s kinda snowballed … we even get buyers asking us if Tiffany has been in other listings.”

She has even started to bring Tiffany with her to do open house events.  Tiffany really seems to enjoy what she’s doing, and most certainly enjoys the extra attention that she gets for all of her hard work.


“I now have her at the open homes to greet the buyers as well,” said Ashley. “Rather than people turning up and taking down names and numbers, making it a very clinical deal, it’s a real icebreaker to have the dog and makes buyers receptive to us.”

If you’d like to see more of Tiffany and her work, you can click here to see her Facebook page, or click here to check her out on Instagram.


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