Dog Best Friends Found Hairless And Depressed Both Make Incredible Transformations

When Poppy and William were found wandering the streets together, they barely looked like dogs at all. They were incredibly skinny and missing most of their fur. They were rushed to a local vet by worried members of the public and later transferred into the care of the RSPCA. It seemed they would need intensive care, and no one was sure if they would make it.

“It breaks our hearts to think back to when they were first rescued — they had been through so much trauma and were extremely withdrawn and depressed,” Hannah White, who works at the RSPCA Kent Isle of Thanet Branch, said in a press release. “It was clear they had been used for breeding and were likely no longer fulfilling their purpose before they were cruelly abandoned.”

Everyone assumed their journey to recovery would be a long one — but in just three short months, both Poppy and William transformed into totally different dogs.

“Today, they are full of beans and completely unrecognizable,” White said.

Both dogs are now healthy, happy and covered in fur once again. They’ve been having a blast in their foster home, but what they really need now is a forever home where they can live out the rest of their years together.

“These two have been through so much together and are completely bonded — William has very poor sight, so Poppy acts as his guide dog as well as his companion; they are completely inseparable, so we’d like them to be adopted together.”

Poppy and William endured a lot during the first nine years of their lives. Now they’re ready for their happily-ever-after, and just need the right family to help them make it happen.

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