Dog Breaks Free At Ball Park And Ends Up Being The “Wiener” Of The Night!

When the El Paso Chihuahuas held a race right before the baseball game at the park one Saturday night, they never thought that one dog would prove to them that he is faster than their dogs and with pure doggy determination, he was running free all over the ball park and giving everyone a “run” for their money!

Did you see the look on his face? Pure bliss, baby! Well, I’d look and feel the same too if I was able to break free and run to my heart’s content! He sure eluded a lot of his captor, including some of the baseball players! What a great time he had and when he had his fill of running around, he gracefully allowed them to catch him!

Well, we sure know who really is the big wiener…um..winner that Saturday night! I reckon he deserves $500 too haha! Share this with other dog lovers, I’m sure they’re gonna love it! Looove it!!

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