This Dog Can Do Anything to Make the Baby Laugh

Dogs and babies are great friends and they gel so well together that you will sometimes think that their bonding is made in heaven. For example, in this video, you will see a cute baby on the floor and a dog doing things to make him laugh. He runs near the baby and then moves away from him and the baby burst out in laughter. The baby in the video is a cute one and the dog is even cuter. You can see how comic face the dog makes in the video. The face made by the kid in the video is also quite hilarious to watch.

The video shows how a dog can entertain a kid without trying much. The dog is even more excited to see the kid laugh like that and thus continues doing so for a long time. However, he never touches the kid or hurt it from any angle. It just runs in a circle and run here and there making funny faces so that the kid laughs. You got to see the video till the end of it as it is going to give you unconditional joy and laughter you can never get from anywhere else.

[youtube id=”iFwmUllLcR4″]

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