Dog Chained to Railroad Track Miraculously Rescued in the Nick of Time, Finds New Loving Home

In a thrilling rescue story, a dog that was chained to railroad tracks and narrowly escaped an oncoming train last month, has been blessed with some wonderful news.

On March 30, City of San Antonio Animal Care Services narrated a miraculous incident they named “Miracle on the Tracks.” Animal Care Officer Edwards received a distress call about a dog chained to a moving train track, unable to break free.

Upon reaching the scene, Officer Edwards got to work immediately to free the stranded Labrador who was lying on the tracks. The dog’s leash had been tied to the rail, trapping him in a perilous position that only tightened as he struggled.

Officer Edwards patiently worked to gain the terrified dog’s trust. He then managed to safely and swiftly remove the dog from the tracks.

The rescue was in the nick of time as a train was soon due to speed down the track. The dog, who was at the brink of a tragic end, was saved thanks to the timely intervention of the officer.

It remains uncertain whether the dog was deliberately tied to the tracks or if his leash accidentally got snagged on a nail. Regardless, everyone was relieved that a disaster was narrowly avoided and the dog was rescued just in time. Appropriately, the animal care services named the fortunate canine “Lucky.”

At the time, it was stated that Lucky needed some time to settle down, but would soon be put up for adoption.

“The moment I saw him, I knew he was the type of dog my family would love,” expressed the new owner, identified as Mr. C, who praised Lucky’s calm and unflappable nature.

Before deciding to adopt Lucky, the shelter reported that Mr. C had taken the dog to their play yards. The two bonded well and felt they were a perfect fit.

According to Animal Care Services, Lucky was neutered and microchipped before moving to his new home. In addition, they revealed that Lucky’s new family have lovingly rechristened him as “Duke.”

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