Dog Cowers In Fear But A Kind Veterinarian Gains His Trust

I think that all of us can say that we love animals, at least, we love the animals that live in our homes.

There are also those who do more than simply love animals, they have made it a part of their life to care for them in special ways.

This includes Dr. Thomas Hamilton, a veterinarian who makes it his life’s work to make sure that every animal that crosses his path is well cared for.

Some of the animals that Dr. Hamilton takes care of are bubbly and outgoing. They have no problem with being best friends with someone they have never met.

On the other hand, there are also some animals that have a more difficult time expressing the love that they have inside.

This is seen in a viral video that gained attention from people around the world.

That TikTok video showed Dr. Hamilton caring for a dog that had a lot of trust issues.

It really shows the extra effort he puts into gaining the trust of the dogs he cares for.

Check out the video below:

That’s not the only dog timid dog he’s helped either. He has helped other dogs that are cowering in the corner or hiding behind items.

Sometimes puppies need a little TLC and Dr. Hamilton goes the extra mile to ensure those pups get it!

Then again, there are some dogs that just want a belly rub, like the one below:

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