Dog Cries Every Time The Baby Cries

Welcoming a new baby to the family can be a time of joy, but it also comes with a lot of added stress. Every time the baby cries, the parents (or, at least the mom) perks up and does everything possible to calm the baby.

While we usually think of parents and other humans as being the responsive ones, pets can also pick up on the crying wails of a little one and can get quite concerned.

Some dogs will even go as far as to cry along with the little baby, seemingly in sympathy.

One dog went to show just that when his new baby brother was crying on the couch. Rather than ignore the little baby, the big dog became quite concerned and even began crying himself!

In the video, you can see the dog sitting on the couch next to the crying baby, clearly concerned and uncertain. After a short moment, he begins to cry along with the baby!

Apparently, this sweet dog isn’t the only one to cry when they hear a baby crying.

According to WagWalking, dogs can pick up on the energy around them – including that of little babies. They said, “the energy of a crying baby causes the dog to feel upset.” This upset can lead the dog to cry right along with the baby!

While it seems like the dog is offering up a sympathy cry, it can be because the dog isn’t used to hearing that noise or the pitch hurts the dogs’ ears. It seems to be similar to how dogs often cry when they hear a siren. Either way, it’s sweet to see a dog playing an active role in the family and getting close to the new little bundle of joy!

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