Dog Didn’t Understand Why She Was Abandoned Right After Giving Birth

A sweet mother dog named Melody was surrendered to a Texas shelter along with her puppies just shortly after giving birth. No one knows for sure exactly what her past was like, but the dog’s condition and look in her eyes said enough. Despite everything, Melody fought to save her puppies.

She had just given birth to 10 puppies when her owners decided they no longer wanted or needed her. Melody was underweight but made sure her babies were well-fed.

Patti Dawson of Dallas DogRRR heard about Melody’s situation and knew she had to help.

“A friend of mine who works at the shelter sent me her picture; she knows that I have a soft spot for the mamas at the shelter,” Patti told The Dodo. “I just couldn’t stop thinking about Melody and her puppies. Her will to survive and take care of her puppies, as skinny as she was, is amazing.”

As a pit bull mother, Melody was at a distinct disadvantage when it came to being rescued from the shelter. As soon as her puppies were weaned, you could then consider Melody’s days numbered.

So Patti put out a plea on Facebook to look for a foster, and that’s when everything changed.

A foster stepped up and offered their home to Melody and her puppies! And the change of scenery seemed to transform Melody physically and mentally. The pit started putting on weight, and her puppies got nice and chunky!

It was a perfect transition for the pit family as they knew they were finally safe.

Melody and her puppies will soon be put up for adoption through Dallas DogRRR thanks to everyone who decided to give the family a second chance at life. 🙂

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