Dog Disabled from Life in a Cage Is Finally Free!


With all the horror stories we have seen and shared this year, words like “heartbreaking” don’t seem to mean much anymore. It’s really sad, as we shouldn’t have to use them so often.

That said, there really is no better word to describe Gargoyle, who we received a plea on from a GA shelter last night. This sweetheart of a boy is said to be 1-2 years old and as you can see, he is dwarfed. He is emaciated, his legs are basically folded in half and his spine is curved. To look at him, you would guess he’d been forced to grow up in & live in a small cage. Well, guess what?  You’d be right!  Where do these monsters come from that walk amongst us?!

After feeling heartbroken, the next normal response is anger. How could anyone do this, how could this possibly have been allowed to happen?!  And it makes one feel even worse because this boy is a complete mush. You’d think he’d be angry and frustrated and difficult, but he’s not. Like most abused dogs we meet, he just wants to give and receive love.


Sadly, we cannot spare him the pain he’s already lived, but we can get him the medical attention he urgently needs and help him have the best future possible!

He is currently at our vet and will receive a full orthopedic consult & we are committed to doing whatever it takes to give him the very best quality of life possible.

Will you help us help him? He will never be referred to as Gargoyle again. His new name is Landis and he will only know compassion, love and kindness moving forward.

Please join the fight to right his wrongs by donating towards his medical costs at


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