Dog Doesn’t Want Cat Messing with His New Squirrel Friend

When we think of dogs an squirrels we picture canines barking at the rodent-like animals, chasing them up trees or attentively watching them from windows. We don’t usually think of them as best friends hanging out together, but squirrels and dogs can be very good friends.


In this video we have a very gentle pooch spending some quality time with his new BFF the squirrel. The two of them have such a special bond that the dog doesn’t mind his tiny friend perched on top of his head. What he does mind is the lurking cat wanting to come check out the wild pet.


Curiosity killed the cat and if this feline is not careful his seven lives will soon be down to six.

The inquisitive kitty wants to meet the squirrel but it seems he doesn’t have the best intentions in mind and the dog knows it.


The dog probably said something like “I’m warning you kitty. Step away from my little friend and you won’t get hurt.” But did the cat listen? Not at all.

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