Dog Eagerly Awaits The UPS Driver — Then The Truck Pulls Up To The House

Dogs seem to have a love-hate relationship with delivery people. I suppose there are many factors that go into it, such as whether or not that person gives the dogs treats, how that person acts toward the dogs, and so on. For every dog that hates the mailman, there’s one that loves the UPS guy! 😉

Jordan Weisman had his phone ready to record his Boxer as the UPS truck approached the house one day. The dog loves this moment and has become very fond of the deliveryman. And it’s pretty obvious why when you see the video!

The dog gets so excited when the truck stops at the house, he takes off running and jumps right into the vehicle! In exchange for some puppy love, the local deliveryman gives the Boxer a treat.

It’s become a ritual at this point, but it’s one that all sides enjoy immensely! The dog gets a treat and some pats on the head, the UPS driver gets a small break in his busy day, and dad gets to watch it all unfold. How cool is this? 🙂

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