Dog Experiences the Comfort of a Real Bed for the First Time After Rescue

Sundae, a coonhound/Labrador retriever mix, had a rough start in life, having spent her entire existence in a junkyard and a cold garage. She was rescued from a dog-hoarding situation in Oklahoma City by Country Roads Animal Rescue Society and gave birth to a litter of pups, all without ever having the comfort of a proper home.

Everything changed, however, when she was introduced to the luxury of a warm bed by her foster mom. The moment she laid down for a rest, Sundae’s face was filled with an unmistakable sense of relief.

It was in that moment Sundae realized she was safe.

Her foster mom, Mugglequeen, shared Sundae’s journey on Reddit. “We’ve had her for about a week, and you’d never know she’s never been an indoor dog before,” Mugglequeen wrote. “She’s completely potty trained, extremely sweet, and very polite inside,” she added.

Sundae was given her name due to her sweetness, as well as her beautiful facial coloring that resembled a sundae with chocolate, vanilla, and caramel hues.

Initially, Sundae was wary of men, but she started to warm up to Mugglequeen’s boyfriend after his shorts were placed on Sundae’s favorite spot – the bed.

Today, Sundae is the epitome of sweetness, seizing every opportunity to cuddle with her foster mom. “She loves to sleep as close to me as possible in bed,” said Mugglequeen. “I think she’s just making up for almost eight years of no affection.”

Finally, Sundae is receiving the medical attention she deserves. Her vet determined that she had heartworms and needed dental work, but apart from that, she was in good health. Now, all that’s left for Sundae is for a loving family to fall in love with her puppies, who are currently being fostered by other families.

“Her ideal family would have a very relaxed lifestyle and a lot of patience to let her continue to come out of her shell and gain confidence,” Mugglequeen explained. “She’ll stay with me until she finds her perfect forever family!”

We’re rooting for Sundae, hoping that this sweet mother dog will find her forever home soon.

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