Dog faces the ultimate bathtime dilemma, and dad’s making it rather difficult

Dogs are creatures of few pleasures. They like their toys, going to the doggy park, taking a ride or just soaking under the water in the tub. Of course, all rules have exceptions, so not all dogs like to take a bath or go for a ride in the car.

When the dog just doesn’t like something, they will do everything they possibly can to avoid it. They learn the vocal cues their owners give and run away like hell fire was chasing them. So humans have to invent some quite ingenious ways to get their dogs in the car or in the shower.

Dogs are too smart, even if they are silly. If it seems at times that they know exactly what we’re saying, it’s because they do. Take this dog facing a bath time dilemma, for instance. Dad asks whether she’d rather take a bath or go for a ride, and the pup reacts accordingly. She makes it very clear she wants to go on a ride. As for the bath? Not so much…

Butterfly clearly would rather ride in the car for hours on end, just don’t make her wet! It is cute to watch how clever she is, but please stop teasing her and take her for a ride!

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