Dog Had Fallen Into A Well And Was Clinging On For Life When They Showed Up

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call on their helpline to rescue a dog who’d fallen into a deep well and was fighting for her life. The poor thing had probably been swimming for hours by the time a local noticed her and called for help. When the rescuers arrived, she was clinging to the side of the well with all her might.

They looked down into the well and the dog was staring up at them just pleading for help. That’s when she slipped from the rock and fell back into the water. She was clearly losing her strength after all of this time. So Animal Aid acted fast…

A man was lowered down with a net to try and capture the dog so she could be raised out of the well to safety. He was finally able to grab onto her and carefully secure her in the net. It was a long ride to the top, but the pup was finally safe and sound! It was time to transport her back to the facilities to take a closer look at her health.

Aside from her raw paws and being short of breath after the long struggle, she checked out okay! Thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited for getting to her when they did — who knows how much longer she would have lasted down there.

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