Dog Falling From 9th Floor Balcony Is Saved Thanks To Passerby

Mel the Shih Tzu was playing on the 9th floor balcony of her home in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, when she climbed onto the railing and couldn’t get down. A fall to the ground would surely be the death of her. But thankfully, a passerby with a keen sense happened to be there at the perfect time.

Joao Augusto heard barking and looked up to see the dog. He realized the dangerous situation and knew he had to help. He yelled to the building caretaker, Paulo Narciso, to get a towel or sheet so they could catch Mel. But there wouldn’t be time for that.

The dog slipped and began the 100ft fall to the ground. Joao Augusto readied and positioned himself as well as he could and was able to break her fall saving the dog’s life. Mel looks back at him for a second to say thanks before walking away unharmed. What a close call!

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