Dog Feels Mom Was Away For Too Long And Gives Her The Cold Shoulder

If we could stay at home with our dogs 24 hours a day, most of us would. But that’s just not possible for a large majority of people. Between work and running errands and going shopping, there are just times we must leave them home alone whether they like it or not.

While the dog in the video below is a very good boy when left home alone, he just doesn’t like it very much. Samson doesn’t understand that Mom can’t take him everywhere she goes, and he’s left wondering what she’s doing without him.

Here you’ll see Mom coming home after being away for a bit, and there sits Samson with that look on his face giving her the cold shoulder.

“I can see by the look on your face that you’re not even happy to see me. That you’re disappointed, that you’re hurt. I’m really sorry,” Mom says.

And that does it. As disappointed as Samson is, he can’t stay mad at Mom forever!

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