Dog Fell 15-Feet Into A Storm Drain, Then Firefighters Came To Save The Day

A dog named Frank unfortunately fell into a loose manhole cover 15-feet down into a horizontal pipe. Sacramento Fire and Rescue crews were alerted, and they quickly arrived at the scene.

But the rescue would not be such an easy one. Hazmat crews came with air monitors to check the air in the drain so that they could determine that it was safe enough to enter. Once they got the okay, they set up a tripod and lowered a rescuer down into the storm drain until he reached the dog.

They put Frank in a special harness so that they’d be able to pull him out of the hole to safety. Luckily, Frank only had a few scrapes and bruises, but overall, was in good health.

Frank was then reunited with his owner, who was so grateful to have his furry best friend back unharmed. Frank was just as happy to see his human.

Firefighters don’t always get the credit that they should. They are every day heroes, and not only save humans, but animals too! If it weren’t for them, Frank the dog’s story might not have had such a happy ending!

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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