Dog Fell Off A Boat While In Pacific Ocean. A Month Later, I Can’t Believe My Eyes!!

“He told us Luna was a very powerful swimmer and that he was 90 percent sure she’d head for shore,” with that, 1 year-old German Shepherd Luna’s family fostered a level of hope.


Luna, a loveable puppy, had fallen from a fishing vessel in the Pacific Ocean. An accident that the Navy deemed a tragedy. Luna was instantly presumed dead.

There was little to no hope that Luna had managed to reach the mainland. The turbulent waters were a hodgepodge of perils; waves, currents, predators and nasty weather. Luna’s owners were devastated.

A month passed since that unfortunate circumstance. She had been swept up by the sea 2 miles away from San Clemente Island.

Then, a miracle took place. This past tuesday morning, as a Navy schooner dock near the Naval Base, a solitary dog came out of nowhere to greet the officers. As you can imagine, that pooch had a name.

Luna was instantly examined by a vet and he concluded that: “she’s perfectly healthy other than being a little undernourished.” This is so intense and definitely nothing short of a miracle.

With a combination of resilience and unbelievable luck, Luna was able to puddle her way out of her predicament, much to the delight of her family!

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