A Dog Finds a Feral Kitten Not Far from Home and Decided to Adopt Him!

When it comes to love, you will often hear people use the phrase, “When it happens, you just know.” That seems to be what is going on here, with this dog who decided to rescue and adopt a feral kitten she found while out and about with her human. They seemed to become best friends almost immediately, and what is a human to do when your dog wants to adopt a baby kitty they found? Why, you take that kitten in, of course!

Honey was found with a pretty bad tail injury. In fact, almost all of Honey’s tail is missing. However, that didn’t seem to make much of a difference to Mamiao. She knew that the kitten was in need, and obviously felt like she was just the dog for the job.

Today, Honey is a happy, healthy, and very much loved member of the family.  They do almost everything together, from going on adventures and even dressing up in silly costumes!  They make a dynamic duo, and we just can’t get enough of them.  Do you want to see more?  Click here to be taken to their Instagram page!

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