Dog Finds Forever Home After 9 Years Of Living In A Kennel

Tito the rescue dog has been living his life in a kennel for the last 9 years of his life. While he’s been well taken care of by the humans in charge of the kennel, and he has always had a good temperament, he’s just never found the right family to bring him home.

Living out his days surrounded by dogs who have come and gone, poor Tito has always been left waiting for the right fit but luckily he was placed in a non-kill shelter. Even though the years passed by, he was always safe and sound with the knowledge that he would never be put down.

Even though Tito was fed and played with and allowed to run outside, something was still missing from his life. Without a forever home, he would never find a family to love.

But then one day, a group of humans arrived and opened his kennel door at an unusual time. It wasn’t feeding time, and it wasn’t time to go outside. That’s when, after nine long years of kennel life, it turned out that Tito was finally being given the forever home he’s always been waiting for!

After so many years waiting this precious pooch has finally found the family that every dog deserves to have! And he was so happy about it, he couldn’t stop smiling! He’s just so excited that he can’t hold it in, he just has to run!

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