Dog Finds Forever Home Just Before Christmas After Spending 3+ Years In A Shelter

All animals deserve a loving, forever home. Sadly, there are thousands of animals in shelters waiting for their turn at a chance to live happily ever after. It’s quite heartbreaking – particularly around the holidays as no animal should have to spend Christmas alone in a shelter. But for one 10-year-old Labrador retriever mix, he got his Christmas present early when he was adopted.

Capone is the pooch who had spent a total of 1,134 days waiting at the Animal Friends shelter in Pittsburg for someone to love him.

The shelter’s longest resident had been taken in by a family looking to foster, but as luck would have it, the family fell in love with him and decided to make it official. The Christmas miracle was happily announced by the shelter on their Facebook page.

Animal Friends proudly announced that they were delighted to be able to say goodbye to Capone after all these years. According to the Facebook post, Capone had been in the care of the shelter since November 2017. But after being taken in as a foster, the family decided that Capone would be their foster fail – and that news was absolutely wonderful. As they wrote, “We’re so glad that you have a family of your own and a home for the holidays.”

And that is just great news to hear since Capone had a long and difficult road finding a forever family. Besides being an older dog, Capone also suffered from a few medical and behavioral issues. These made it difficult for him to find someone willing to adopt him. But as his new family shared, it was a pretty easy decision to keep him since they noticed that he fit in with their family almost right away. The family said to WTAE that after coming into their home, he became much less anxious and transformed into a very loving dog.

In order to celebrate Capone’s adoption, the shelter put together a little tribute video for him which highlighted his 3-year journey to finding happiness in a forever home. In the caption they wrote, “We’re still celebrating the happy news of Capone’s adoption last week and we know how much he was loved by our staff, volunteers and supporters of Animal Friends! So, we put together a video celebrating the happy memories we shared with Capone over the past three years. Enjoy!”

We’re so happy that Capone will be able to enjoy a Christmas at home with a family who loves him!

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