Dog Finds Himself All Alone At Shelter After Everyone Else Gets Adopted

When Kansas City shelter, Wayside Waifs began organizing their fall adoption event they couldn’t have possibly imagined the sort of support they would receive. The event yielded such an amazing turnout that it lasted over 19 hours! 

A ton of people came out to support the shelter and by the end of the event, the shelter saw 203 of their cats, dogs, and guinea pigs all rehomed, except for one.

His name was Kenny and at the end of the event, he was left all alone. Not adopted… still waiting.

Although not much is known about Kennys’ past, he was transferred over to wayside due to overcrowding at his last shelter. He settled in well, and from the moment he got there has been a complete ‘dream’ to care for.

Described by staff as a ‘fun, friendly and happy’ dog who is’ definitely a people dog’, it’s a wonder as to why he’s the only one who somehow got overlooked.

Nevertheless, Kenny remained he’s usually happy-go-lucky self and was of course enjoying all the extra attention he was getting, he really didn’t seem to mind all that much.

As far as dogs go, Kenny is a great one! Jovial and playful. So the shelter decided to put up some information about Kenny and see if anyone was interested!

He absolutely loves running around and playing as much as he can, and has never met a person he hasn’t instantly fallen in love with.

However, Kenny didn’t have to wait much longer. After the news got out about his story, a loving family came forward to offer Kenny the forever home he well and truly deserves.

And although the shelter staff were very sad to see him go, they’re happy it is to a loving home, and so are we!

We wish Kenny and the 203 other animals all the best in their new forever homes! Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

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