Dog Finds His Forever Home After 729 Days In The Shelter

A sweet little 4-year-old pitbull/boxer mix has finally found his happily ever after.

The adorable pooch named Drools spent a total of 729 days waiting to get adopted from the Conour Animal Shelter in Monte Vista, Colorado.

But his wait is finally over, as the shelter was happy to announce on Wednesday through their Facebook post.

The founder and executive director of Relay For Rescue, Kacey Widetich, stated to CBS Denver that Drools was taken home by a man who drove all the way from Boulder to Monte Vista in order pick up his new pup. And the man shared with KRDO that he was thrilled about the adoption, citing that he felt like he’d “won the lottery.” There is no doubt that Drools will be thoroughly loved in his new home.

Widetich had previously spent two weeks staying at the shelter with Drools as she worked tirelessly to help the shelter’s long time resident finally find his forever home. As she had stated, many of the remote shelters – like the one that Drools was in – are desperately understaffed. She said to CBS Denver that this makes it nearly impossible for shelter employees to both care for their animals and dedicate time to properly advertising them online so they get adopted. That is why she volunteered to spent her nights at the shelter so that she could help get dogs adopted.

And it wasn’t just Drools who got adopted. Thanks to Widetich’s dedication, she managed to see three other dogs who’d been living at the shelter for a long time finally get adopted to their forever homes as well.

Of course, there are still plenty of friendly canines who are at the shelter waiting on adoption. As Widetich said to KRDO, “All of these dogs deserve a second chance at happily ever after just like Drools and I look forward to working with the shelter to ensure this continues to happen moving forward.”

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