Dog Flips Out Seeing Her Owner First Time in 9 Months on Video Chat

When Oriany De Oliveira left home to work abroad, it meant leaving behind her beloved dog, Layla, with her family. She knew it would be difficult to not see her pup every day, and knew it would be hard on Layla too.

Although she kept in touch with her mom over the phone, keeping in touch with Layla proved more difficult. But recently, Oriany’s mother figured out how to have a video chat and project her daughter’s image onto the TV.

The instant Layla sees her favorite human she begins to whine at the screen in shock, then she stands up on her hind legs and begins to bark.

Needless to say, it’s a touching moment. Of course, Oriany would prefer to see Layla in person, and when she saves up enough to travel home she will. But in the meantime, Oriany knows Layla is being well loved and cared for by her mother.

Watch the sweet moment below.

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