Dog Found In A Gutter Blossoms After She Is Rescued

Dogs, when they’re in pain, search for anyone that might help. For most of us, seeing a dog in need makes us want to spring into action and care.

Sadly, for Chickpea, found on the streets of India, that help didn’t come until she’d almost given up.

After searching for help and finding no one willing to care for her, and with puncture wounds that left her bloodied and bruised, Chickpea lost hope and hid in a gutter, resigned to her fate.

Fortunately, that fate was changed when Animal Aid Unlimited, based in Rajasthan, India, found her and took her in.

The group noted that she was “in shock,” when they first brought her to their hospital, but that her condition improved overnight. She was still in need of care and constant attention due to her malnutrition, but she was no longer in the hopeless state she’d been found in.

“Even eating was impossible for her to do alone. But within a few days, her sparkle was returning and we caught a glimpse of her first tail wag,” the group shared on their site.

Chickpea knew she was in the right place — Animal Aid Unlimited is a stopover for several recovering pups that are on their way to forever homes. There, she played with new friends and grew stronger each day.

Now, Chickpea is so much stronger than she was before. Whatever hurt her in the past, she’s made a full recovery and has a much brighter future to look forward to.

You can be part of that future by donating to Animal Aid Unlimited here!

See more of Chickpea’s story in the video below:

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