This Dog Was Freezing Cold…Her Reaction After Getting A Blanket Will Warm Your Heart

Dog lovers…be honest. Do you ever wish your dog could speak real, human words? Of course you do! It’s a common dog-owner dream, to be able to chat freely with our beloved pets like we do with our friends. They are our best friends, afterall.

The frustration isn’t just ours, though. Dogs want to communicate fully with us too! Kisses and snuggles usually do the trick, but some dogs just really, really want to be able to let us know what they’re thinking.

In this video, we meet a precious Boxer who is trying with all her might to do just that! She was cold, so her attentive humans covered her with a warm blanket. Clearly, she wanted to let them know that she appreciated that! Not only does she make whining/grunting noises in an attempt to speak, but her mouth also moves much like a human’s would when they’re talking. So cute!

Forget jetpacks and flying cars…in an ideal future, we’ll be able to fully communicate with our furry-legged friends. What do you think your dog would say to you if he could speak? Share below!

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