Dog Gets Dressed To Go Outside, Hilariously Chickens Out When She Sees The Snow

Lulu the Yorkshire Terrier has never been a big fan of winter. She just hates it when the temperature drops and always demands Dad to keep her warm and cozy at all times. While Lulu loves playing outside in the summer, the very thought of stepping out on chilly days terrifies her!

In this video taken after a heavy snowstorm, we see Lulu adorably decked up in her winter attire for the day. She feels comfortable indoors, but she needs to go outside for her potty business. However, the oblivious girl has no idea about the yard being covered in several inches of snow!

When Dad opens the door for Lulu, the terrified dog is shocked as she finally comes to terms with the grim “reality”. She takes a few seconds to assess the severity of the situation outside, and then makes the tough choice to back off! In a hilarious moment, Lulu makes a complete U-turn and flees indoors to escape the snow!

We are amazed at Lulu’s lack of curiosity, as she never even bothers to check the snow with her paws or tongue. She might give the “snow” another try if she gets braver in the near future, but she’s definitely not up for it today!

Click the video below to watch Lulu hilariously chickening out at the sight of the snow!

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