Dog Gets SHOCKING Reunion When He Discovers Who’s Under This Blanket!

The owner in the video on the next page decided to play a fantastic and heartwarming prank on his pup after returning home from a long vacation in Holland. And he recorded it to share with the world!

The dog’s name is Fizz and her owner is Nando Brown. The prank is a simple one but it’s guaranteed to make you smile if not make your day.

Nando decides to set up a camera in his backyard and hides underneath a blanket. Looking like an unassuming lump in the backyard. Now here comes Fizz – just sniffing around like a dog does.

You have got to see her reaction when she realizes that’s not just a blanket covering some chopped wood. It’s SO ridiculously joy inducing!

You can tell as soon as she gets the scent of her owner in that doggie nose – it’s over! She’s just so excited and so happy to see her daddy she just can’t even contain herself. The happiness and joy is overwhelming! How does your dog react when you come home from long stays away?

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