Dog Gets Stuck in Gate and Cries Uncontrollably. See The Amazing Rescue & “After” Footage!

Watching videos of animals being abused have made us lose faith in humanity. With all the bad people out there, it makes us wonder if there is hope for this cruel world. Then amidst all the evil, something good happens. And it makes us realize, there are still some good people in this world.

Somewhere in India, a street dog has gotten himself stuck between the narrow bars of an iron gate. After hours of crying, somebody finally took notice of the dog and called for help. When the rescuers arrived, they saw the poor thing, so terrified he had defecated where he was stuck. His eyes were begging for help. One of the rescuers climb to the other side to comfort the poor dog. The other rescuer held the dog’s legs and helped him squeeze through the gate. And in just on minute, they were able to help the dog out. They took the dog under their care, got him neutered, vaccinated, and recovered from his mange.

Another precious life saved! Kudos to these kindhearted rescuers! It’s heroes like you who have restored our faith in humanity.

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