Dog Gets Tired After Digging A Hole, Takes A Break And Falls Asleep In It

Dog mama Kirstin LaRoche had quite the surprise one day when she walked past the door and looked outside. At first she was worried and thought something was wrong, but it turns out her dog, Wilbur, is just a giant goofball!

“Look at this dog! I thought he was dead,” she says in the video.

“He is sleeping in the hole that he dug!” Kirstin continues.

Mom knocks on the door to ask Wilbur what he’s doing, and he’s startled awake. He looks a bit awkward in there, but he sits there like he’s very comfortable! The silly goofball of a dog may have given Mom a quick scare, but it turned out to be a pretty hilarious moment she won’t forget anytime soon. 😀

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