Dog Gives Birth To 18 Puppies Two Weeks After She Was Saved From Euthanasia

Ashlee Holland rescued Ava, a golden retriever-chow mix who was slated for euthanasia. But not only did she save one life, she saved 18 more!

Ava was pregnant and wound up giving birth two weeks after Holland rescued her. Holland knew that Ava had no other hope and said no dog deserves to be put to sleep just to “free up space” at a shelter. So Holland took Ava in and fostered her.

Holland knew Ava as pregnant, but she had no idea that she’d wind up having so many puppies. X-rays didn’t show how many, so she was in for a huge surprise when Ava wound up giving birth to 18 puppies!

The puppies will stay with their mother for eight more weeks before they’ll be ready for adoption. In the meantime, Holland created a Facebook page so people can stay updated on Ava and her beautiful pups.

If you’re interested in adopting one of the puppies once they’re old enough, click here to fill out an adoption application.

Thankfully, Holland was able to save her and give her a second chance at life, and give all of her puppies a first chance at life! But not all dogs are as lucky as Ava. Many are stuck in shelters their whole lives, and sadly, many are at high-kill shelters and are euthanized when the shelter needs to free up more space. If you’re thinking of getting a dog, consider adopting to help a pup just like Ava!

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