Dog Goes Above And Beyond For Little Kitten Who Was Without A Mother Of Her Own

Motherhood really brings out a dog’s protective side. But for a dog named Toast, the sight of an orphaned homeless kitten was enough to activate her full-capacity mommy mode! This frail kitten walked up to Toast during one of her walks with her human. Toast initially licked and petted the wee creature, but soon sensed that the love-starved baby needed something more!

The kitten was enamored by Toast’s affectionate gesture, and she decided to follow the dog all the way to her home. After that, Toast became inevitably soft for the kitten and made up her mind to “adopt” the little kitty! The lonely kitten also picked the sweet dog as her “mama”, despite their jarring size differences!

Over the weeks, Toast’s fondness for the kitten only grew stronger. She became obsessed with the little one and refused to let her out of sight. Like a true mama, she would train her timid “kid” to use the stairs and navigate around the furniture. On one occasion, Toast straight up lost her sanity when she noticed her baby getting too close to the pool! The panicked mama stomped out of the house and anxiously carried the kitten back to safety!

The kitten is now growing up wonderfully under the reliable watch of her doting doggie mama. She wholeheartedly depends on Toast for guidance and reassurance, and adorably sticks like glue to her over-protective mama. What an adorable duo!

Click the video below to watch Toast’s unwavering motherly love for the fragile orphaned kitten.

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