Dog Goes Adorably Nuts When Dad Talks To Her About Squirrel

Just like some people, dogs can have obsessions. Some dogs have a favorite toy that they must take with them to bed every night. Some dogs have a favorite pillow or snack that is a must-have item each day. The dog in this video has an obsession with squirrels. Callie goes bonkers for squirrels!

Just the mere mention of a squirrel and Callie goes bonkers, and he howls with joyful anticipation! In the video, Callie’s dad is talking to her about squirrels and then at 0:30 he tells her that they are everywhere! Wait until you see her reaction! It is safe to say that Callie wants to let squirrels everywhere know that she will not tolerate their presence in her yard!

Take a look at this video

You have been warned, squirrels – stay away from Callie’s house or face the consequences! Share this hilarious video with everyone you know!

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