Dog Goes Crazy with Happiness Seeing His Dad Return from Trip

This sweet dog has waited 10 long days for his dad to come home and he can’t wait another second to be back at his side.

So when the dog’s owner asked his friend (and the dog’s pet sitter to come to the airport to pick him up, the dog came along. The sweet dog sits in the passenger seat, window rolled down and looks around for a friendly face.

But the second he hears a familiar voice call his name and sees his dad, he springs from the car window to rush over to say “hello”.

He darts out and straight into the arms of his human and can’t contain his excitement!

It’s kisses and hugs and tears all around and the dog zooms around so much the travellers at the airport in Guarulhos, San Paulo, must have been wondering just how long these two have been apart.

Watch their joyful reunion in the heartwarming video below.

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