Dog Goes For A Swim With A Tiny Owl On His Back

When the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the water’s warm, there’s nothing better than taking a weekend day to go to the lake or your favorite beach. Nothing beats the fresh air and beautiful tranquility of nature on a lovely summer day.

Whether you choose to spend your outdoor day alone or with a friend is up to you. Some might prefer to go at it alone, opting for the company of a good book and some peace and quiet instead of a rambunctious friend. Then there are the folks who would rather spend the day having a blast with their significant other or their best friend, making memories together.

No matter which way you like to enjoy the great outdoors, now’s your time to do it!

These two pups clearly like to spend their lake days with friends. But it’s not just the two of them out on the lake this day. If you look a little closer, there’s a third musketeer in the group, and it’s not who you’d expect it to be.

I’ve never seen this in my life before. Have you? It’s almost a little too cute to handle. These three are clearly having a lovely day out in the water on such a gorgeous day. You can tell from the big smiles on their canine (and avian…) faces.

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